Amapá announces blockchain investment in the middle of the blackout

The state is experiencing problems with its energy infrastructure, but is already targeting important innovations.

Changes to the ‚Green Line‘ power grid, Amapá State Government in 2019 blockchain
Reproduction/Government of the State of Amapá

The state of Amapa has been going through an energy crisis for the last five days, with the population concerned. Even so, Amapá has announced investment in technologies such as blockchain technology to transform the state.

However, to invest in new technologies, Amapa must face up to the calamity. Without energy, the population would even be without water, petrol and the internet in the state, which means that the situation is serious.

The federal government has sent support to the state, even from the Brazilian Navy, according to President Jair Bolsonaro. The expectation is that by Saturday night (7), energy will have been restored in Amapá.

With the infrastructure in place, Amapá may return to its innovation agenda.

Amapá is spreading investment in several technologies, such as blockchain, to modernize the state
Last Thursday (5), the Amapá State Government Bitcoin Formula published a series of measures in the Official Gazette. The Amapá Digital Government Strategy (EGD) was established by Decree 3830 of 3 November 2020.

This strategy should seek innovations for the state of Amapá by the year 2022. The main intention of the programme is to digitize public services offered to citizens. In addition, Amapá hopes to integrate the systems in use by the state, offering more agility in service delivery.

The new strategy will then focus on developing 18 innovation objectives. He pointed out that even the technology of cryptomaps, the blockchain, has gained space in the investment that will be made by Amapá.

„Initiative 8.4. Implement resources to create an interoperable state government blockchain network, using reliable identification and secure algorithms,“ released the Amapá State Gazette

Blockchain technology should be part of tests to be carried out by the EGD Innovation Laboratory. The government of Amapá has not informed in the Official Gazette what will be spent on the new investments.

In fact, the federal government had already instituted a strategy to digitalize services. With the OVID-19 pandemic, more states and municipalities are joining the program, which has highlighted the blockchain in the innovation process.

Amapá’s population expects energy to return to power after a five-day blackout
Of course, no technological innovation should work without the basic infrastructure working in Amapá. Electric power is indeed a basic and essential item today.

According to President Jair Bolsonaro, the state of Amapá had three power generators. One of them was in maintenance since late 2019, i.e. stopped. Another generator caught fire in the last few days, and the third one was out of operation due to lack of maintenance.

The energy crisis in Amapá received support from the federal government and should be re-established soon, according to Bolsonaro. He said on a social networking live that the Navy took one of its generators to help reestablish power in the state.

With energy back on track, Amapá should return to its innovation agenda. It is important to emphasize that the infrastructure must work for the innovations to have an effect, especially electricity.